Welcome to Migraine Research, the charitable research arm of  London Migraine Clinic.

30 years ago the Daith was introduced purely as a cosmetic piercing, but people soon reported their migraines had also improved. 

Over the last 5 years our medical research (the first ever in the world) has shown a real effect that works by stimulating the vagus nerve, and was recently featured in The Times

Our latest ongoing 2023 research results confirm that the long term improvements continue at 12 months, largely unchanged from the previous long-term improvements in migraine symptoms reported at 2-4 months:-

After 2-4 months, 88% reported that their migraines had improved. This includes 72% who reported that they had”stopped” or were “much better”. Quantitatively, their migraine days reduced by 69%, and, very importantly, any migraines they still had were greatly reduced in both severity and duration:-

1. Days in Bed were reduced by 73% from 3.1 to 0.8 days/month
2. Completely Symptom-Free Days were increased by 71% from 9.8 to 16.7 days/month
3. The great majority reported that the effect after 2-4 months had not reduced, and was just as great as soon after the piercing

The positioning of the Medical Daith, which we call a ‘Medi-Daith’, is critical to its success, and our aim is to make our ‘Medi-Daith Protocol’ available throughout the UK to as many migraine sufferers as possible. We believe it will soon be a standard medical treatment for migraines.

Medical Daith with
Blue Banana

We are proud to announce our exciting partnership with Blue Banana Piercing Studios,  to offer Medi-Daith Protocol across England and Wales.

We work closely with Blue Banana to train their most experienced piercers on the precise techniques so we can ensure the best results for your treatment. A Medical Daith is far more than just a cosmetic daith. It takes time and expertise, and cannot be hurried.

Blue Banana’s exceptional management team work together with us to ensure that the highest standards of service are maintained across all their branches. Patients uniformly report that they are “extremely satisfied” with the knowledge and help that their piercers offer. If you ever had any concerns then we’d want you to contact us straight away. 

You can read more about the Blue Banana Migraine Service on their website.

Medical Daith Research

Our pioneering research over the last 5 years has enabled us to develop the Medi-Daith Protocol to ensure that the best position is accurately measured for the best effect.

Although a Medical Daith does not work for everyone, our research suggests that 80% of people report immediate improvement while approximately 40% find a life-changing effect that can last for prolonged periods of over a year. Most people say that they are extremely happy with the treatment. This would make it more effective than many of the preventative drugs commonly used by doctors, and without the drug side effects.

A Medi-Daith is far more than just a cosmetic Daith, and only the most experienced Blue Banana piercers are selected for the extensive training to ensure the best possible results

Our research is continuing, and we are proud to announce that Blue Banana are collaborating with us in a large-scale study to follow up the effect on 1000 migraine sufferers on the largest scale research ever organised. Every person having a Medical Daith will be invited to join our research.

Patient Testimonials

“Treatment by Dr Blatchley at the London Migraine clinic has transformed my life. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced...”
Katy Wolton
“Dr Blatchley is very knowledgeable, kind and understanding and I have no hesitation in recommending his clinic.”
Helen Payne
“I have suffered heavily from migraines before i tried Botox administered by very professional, efficient and knowledgeable Dr.Blatchley.”
Nerreter Sabine

The Medical Daith Experience

Watch Leah’s Medical Daith experience for migraine treatment in the video below: