Our Medical Daith Research

We have been researching the effectiveness of Medical Daith ear piercing in the treatment of migraines for over 5 years. 

At every stage we have been encouraged by how consistently our research results have confirmed a real effect that is not just “in the mind”.

  • 2017 – First of 3 international questionnaires completed by over 3,000 migraine sufferers with a daith piercing (see report below)
  • 2018-2022 – Started piercing our own migraine patients at London Migraine Clinic
  • 2018 – First presentation to the Oxford Headache Symposium
  • 2019 – Presentations to Oxford Headache Symposium, Anglo-Dutch Migraine Association, International Headache Society 
  • 2021 – Zoom presentation to Association of Migraine Disorders in the USA (see video below)
  • 2022 – Major research paper published on the theory and results of Daith Ear Piercing for Migraines (ee paper below)
  • 2022 ongoing – Latest research started to follow 1000 patients having a Medical Daith for their migraines (ongoing, in collaboration with Blue Banana)
  • 2023 planned – Planned research to use brain scans to measure the immediate effects of Medical Daith on brain activity


Published Research

2017 International Questionnaire – The first results to show that Medical Daith could not be explained away as “in the mind” and more research was needed – Download Report

2022 Research Article – “Daith ear piercing, vagus nerve stimulation and the treatment of migraine headaches” showed that 80% responded to a Medical Daith and that there was a long term effect lasting over 12 months in 40%, and confirmed that a large scale study was needed


Ongoing Research

We are continuing our research with the largest study ever to be undertaken. In collaboration with Blue Banana we are measuring the effect of a Medical Daith in 1000 migraine sufferers over 12 months

We have trained the most experienced piercers at Blue Banana to precisely measure the optimal place for piercing. Everybody who has a Medical Daith at Blue Banana will be invited to join our research.

It takes very little effort, and as a special thank you, anyone who takes part will be enrolled in a draw for £1000, and will also receive a voucher to spend at Blue Banana.

The 2021 Migraine Symposium

Watch our brief presentation made in October 2021 to the Association for Migraine Disorders regarding our research.