Useful Information

Here is a list of our websites and research that may offer additional insight.

Articles in The Press

The Times newspaper 10-9-22 page 34 – Article about our work on Medical Daith

Our Websites (London Migraine Clinic’s Medical Daith website)

Published Research

2017 International Questionnaire – “Report on the first survey into the effects of Daith Ear Piercing on migraines”

2018 Research Abstract – “Daith Piercing, Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Migraine Prevention” (Migraine Trust International Symposium/ International Headache Society joint meeting, London) – “Daith Piercing, Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Migraine Prevention”– (scroll down to 31st of the abstracts of the late-breaking research presentations) DOI:

2022 Research Article – “Daith ear piercing, vagus nerve stimulation and treatment of migraine headaches” DOI:

2023 Latest Results – “Daith ear piercing and changes in migraine symptoms”

2023 Research Article “Daith Ear Piercing in The Treatment of Migraine” DOI: (British Journal Healthcare and Medical Research)

2023 Research Abstract – Daith Ear Piercing for Menopausal Migraines where HRT fails” (Presented at British Menopause Society Annual Conference June 2023 to be published in Post Reproductive Health Journal in Sept 2023) 

2023 Research Abstract – “Daith Ear Piercing, Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Changes in Migraine Symptoms” – (Presented at International Headache Society Annual Conference Seoul, Korea September 2023 to be published in Cephalagia Journal in Autumn 2023) 

Video Presentations

2021 15-min Video presentation to the Migraine Symposium organised by the Association of Migraine Disorders in the USA – “Does a Daith piercing help migraines? – Preliminary research”

Conference Presentations
2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023 Oxford Headache Symposium, Worcester College, Oxford
2019 Anglo Dutch Migraine Association, Hull

2021 Association of Migraine Disorders USA -online conference because of COVID (see video above)