Useful Information

Here is a list of our websites and research that may offer additional insight.

Articles in The Press

The Times newspaper 10-9-22 page 34 – Article about our work on Medical Daith

Our Websites (London Migraine Clinic’s Medical Daith website)

Published Research

2017 International Questionnaire – “Report on the first survey into the effects of Daith Ear Piercing on migraines”

2022 Research Article – “Daith ear piercing, vagus nerve stimulation and treatment of migraine headaches” DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/DC2J5

Video Presentations

2021 15-min Video presentation to the Migraine Symposium organised by the Association of Migraine Disorders in the USA – “Does a Daith piercing help migraines? – Preliminary research”

Conference Presentations
2017, 2018, 2019, 2022 Oxford Headache Symposium, Worcester College, Oxford
2019 Anglo Dutch Migraine Association, Hull

2019 Migraine Trust International Symposium/ International Headache Society joint meeting, London
         – poster presentation of initial results of ongoing research
2021 Association of Migraine Disorders USA -online conference because of COVID (see video above)