About Us​

London Migraine Clinic started in 2010 as a centre for the best in migraine treatments.

Migraine Research is our not-for-profit charitable arm to research on improving existing migraine treatments, as well as new treatments such as Medical Daith.

Our Team

Migraine Research is the charitable research arm of The London Migraine Clinic where we specialise in Medical Daith piercing and other treatments for migraines.

We are also proudly partnering with Blue Banana Piercing Studios, a nationwide leader in body piercing, including Daith Piercing.

Dr Chris Blatchley

Dr Blatchley trained in Cambridge and London, and started The London Migraine Clinic in 2010 to research improved ways of treating migraines.

As a member of the Oxford Headache Symposium, British Association for the Study of Headache and the Anglo-Dutch Migraine Association, Dr Blatchley provides expert knowledge and cutting-edge treatments for migraines. 

Chris continues to explore improved techniques for reducing the effects of migraines and for 5 years has been researching Medical Daith for Migraines

Blue Banana
Piercing Studios

Blue Banana are the United Kingdom’s leading body piercing studios, with 13 nationwide locations and over 25 years of industry experience.

Dr Blatchey is working closely with Blue Banana to bring together the best in medical and piercing expertise. He has personally trained their most experienced piercers in how to position the Medical Daith for Migraines for optimal effect, to ensure the highest treatment standards for your migraines.

For more information on Blue Banana, and how and where to get a Medical Daith with them, please visit the link below.